Google Play Store "stopped"

I keep having the same problem again and again. Google play store stopped working abruptly and then I get the same message saying “Google play store stopped” and I click “Ok” and every 5 seconds it comes back! What do I have to do ???
It’s is already the second time that that is happening. The first time, I restaured my phone but I do not want to do that again…
Thank you!

Hi @Teresa,

have you restarted your phone yet?



Yes of course I have already done it several time :stuck_out_tongue:

I stopped using Google play Store cause of that problem. One alternative version worked out very well: amazon app shop. But there are other shops as well.

You can also download .apk-files for a lot of apps from the internet. Just google them (how ironic!) and you won’t need google play store as your unreliable “app-dealer” anymore :wink:

Btw. the amazon app you can download on their page without using google play store as well, just search the .apk-file


Okay thank you!
But how did you do to stop having the message “google play stopped working” on your screen every 5 minutes?

I restarted the phone (lost all data, so back up before) and than I didn’t install any google app…