Google play store/services unable to re-install

Following the instructions on the FF site and the forum, the google play store keeps launching and immediately closing. The error is: “Google play services error”

Removing, unininstalling, reboot and re-install doesn’t help.

Could you please check what version of Fairphone you are currently running?
You can do this in the Fairphone updater app.

Did you install the app store through the Google Apps Installer widger?

Hi, I’m facing the same problem. I tried everything that was suggested on the FF site/forum but still the widget of google installer is grey whey I put it on my home page. Yesterday I downloaded the new OS version and I tried to launch it. After that I couldn’t install google services anymore. At the moment 1.6 OS version is running. Please help

If you are still running 1.6 then the update must have failed somehow.
If you still want to update to 1.8 you will need to do it manually as currently the push of the new update has been put on hold.

If you want to stay on 1.6 for now then please follow this article.

I know it is about 1.8 but the same thing applies to 1.6.

i tried to update to 1.8 but oviously something went wrong (no error message). My updater tells me that i’m on 1.6 still but the google apps are gone and the widget stays grey whatever i do. I tried all steps recommended in the forums. What’s next ?
regards Rudi

Have you tried clearing the data on Fairphone OS already as I suggested earlier?

yes i tried several times, with restart and clear data, everything. Still grey google app widget.

I experienced the same problems as Rudi, except I was (and still am) on 1.7:

Update to 1.8 went through without an obvious error, yet I’m still on 1.7, and reinstalling the Google Apps fails even after rebooting and clearing the data on Fairphone OS. Fortunately, all “core” functions (including the keyboard) still work fine, so I’ll wait for the bugfixing and live with my slightly “crippled” 1.7 for the time being instead of tempting fate and manually going through the buggy update process again.

I cleared the OS data, cancelled the upgrading file, reboot the phone everytime, but the problem is still there. Grey icon, no way to reinstall Google services

I have exactly the same Problem. Tryed to updat from 1.6 to 1.8. Update went trough. Updater app says I am still on 1.6. Google installer app is grey icon. Google Apps can not be used so far.

sorry but a manual upgrade is not an option because i would have to backup everything first. I have no time for such workflows at the moment and are very disappointed for trying to update a not working OS.

Same problem here: Still in 1.6, cannot select to google apps to reinstall due to grey widget, cleared all data in fairphone os, rebooted…
is there any other way to get at least google play on the phone so I could from there get mail, maps, notes, calendar etc again?

Forgot to mention: I had google now installed and on my homescreen (I do not know if this is the same as using the google now launcher) which i did not deinstall before trying to update, because i just tried the update right away when I got the notification on my phone, without checking the forum or anything else first. I was not aware I should pay more attention before upgrading…

In a different post this solution was provided:

After the update I cannot re-install google apps because the widget is grey and says they are already installed or after updating the Fairphone still says it’s on 1.6

Open the Fairphone updater app and close it again, now the google apps installation should run if you hit the installer

Did not work for me. I also had Google now active before updating.

This might seem very stupid, but how do I close the Fairphone updater app properly? By clicking on “<-” (right lower arrow back button) or just on home button in the middle?
I tried both.

I tried closing it via: -->settings–>apps–>all–>fairphone updater–>beenden erzwingen (close)

But did not help anyway

@Rudi_Gottsberger Do you know if you have a FP1 or a FP1U model? and do you happen to know the partition layout you are using?

From the looks of if you accidentally re installed 1.6 and are now failing at installing gapps but it is a bit strange.

Can you try to re-install 1.6 again?

I got my phone working again.
Did manual updat to 1.8 kola nut (not with updater app but with download via Internet an installation via sd card)

After this procedure i could reinstall Google Apps and now have 1.8 working on my phone.
Obviously first try of update via updater app was not performed correctly and blocked hole system

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You do not have to back up, it is only a advice. For me after manual installation of update all data was still there.
Of course it is little anoying but manual update process does not take to much time.

To be sure I will try the right thing:
Is it this you have been doing to get it to work again?

Exactly, just choose the right file for download.
It is a bit confusing as the liste of files end up with version 1.6 and 1,8 ist listed above it.
Do not use the binari files listed at the bottom of page