Google play services

Hello in my very none technical journey to live without google I finally turned off Google play services… Every thing works okay all the alternative apps I have installed work just fine. But i I still have a notification popping up warning me.
Q1. Any one know how to turn this off.
Q2. Any one know how to turn off the Android “preparing for final set up banner”

Many, none technical thanks.

In which way?
By following this topic, or by installing /e/, or something else?

What exactly does it say?
Does it pop up when you rebooted/ started the phone, or when you start a specific App, or does it simply pop up regularly over time (e.g. every couple of minutes, regardless of whether you do something on the phone or not)?


Thank you Mr Elk . . .
My daughter has solved my issues.

1 . I had missed an app (files)
Solved by downloading a Foss version and disabling the pre-installed version.

2 . By dragging the banner to the right>>> then clicking the gear symbol and following the prompts.

Thank you any way.

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