Google Camera 3.2 apk for Fairphone 2?


So the Fairphone 2 comes with the Google Camera app (version 2.7) as a default. This is the highest version that does not require android 6.0+. Now since android 6 has come out on the Fairphone 2, I was wondering if it would be possible to side-load the newest Google Camera apk that does not require android 7, to Fairphone 2. I tried different versions available at
but none of them worked very well. Some apps crashed when trying to take a panorama, and others when trying to take video. A couple times I got video recording to work.

Now I was wondering, since these new versions seem to be pretty close to working, if it would be possible to “fix” them, to make them work fully on the Fairphone 2? And if maybe someone has already made a modification of Google Camera’s later versions that would work on non-nexus devices? And even if that would be possible, would things such as HDR+ work as intended?

I would appreciate it if anyone who knows about this could share some of their knowledge.

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I also tried with Android 6 and that version of the google camera but the video mode crashes.

I think this is more Google discontinuing it than fairphone not adapting it to the OS… I say so because the camera is no longer in the store.

Does google camera 2.7 work fine with android 6?

Yeah I have the 2.7.010 version and that has worked without issues.

I know that Google has basically stopped updating the camera for other than Nexus devices. But I was wondering if Fairphone (or someone else) could modify the app enough for it to work on FP2.

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