Google Calendar Sync issues


  • Cherry 1.6
  • Default calendar app, no others
  • Google primary email address used for account on phone and in calendar app
  • There are 5 accounts under this to synchronize:
    1. the Google secondary email addres (active)
    2. Holidays in the Netherlands (active)
    3. another shared gmail calendar account (active)
    4. yet another shared gmail calendar account (active)
    5. Holidays (not active)

I have the following issues syncing (manually and automatically):

  • I get three popups “Google agenda synchroniseren is gestopt” (has stopped), the first 2 disappear immediately, the 3rd one needs pressing the OK button
  • All mutations made in the desktop Google calendar sync to the phone
  • No mutations made in the phone sync to the desktop Google calendar

This occasionally leads to loss of appointments, e.g. if I move them to different dates in both the app and desktop.

I tried to change that list of 5, i.e. add the primary account (error: that account already exists) and remove the secondary (but have no idea how).

Looking at other posts on the forum has not given me bright ideas, suggestions appreciated.

For the record, the she same behaviour, does not seem solved yet on my FP2.