Google Calendar: Not getting notifications since update to Android 6.0


unfortunately, since I updated my Fairphone 2 to Andraoid 6.0, for the events in my Google Calendar App I do not get any notification at all. I am very sure, that all settings regarding notifications of my Google Calendar App as well as of my Fairphone 2 in general are correct.

None of the events in my Google Calendar App is synchronized with my google-account (to explain it based on the German user interface: when creating a new event, I always chose ‘Lokaler Kalender’ as calendar). As I have no other idea how to solve my problem, I think I have to synchronize all my events with my google-account to make the notifications work again.

Please help me: Is it possible that since Android 6.0 one gets notifications only for synchronized events? Do you think synchronizing all my events with my google-account could make the notifications work again or would you suggest another procedure?

Thank you very much in advance


Seems like simple connecting my Google Calendar App to my google-account solved the problem (even without synchronizing the events in my calendar). At least, now I get notifications for my not-synchronized events. Thank you, Daniel

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