Google Calendar doesn't sync

My FP is connected to my Google Account, but there is no sync between
the server and my FP: The App doesn’t show events from my Desktop / the
Google server, i can’t create new events (it just shows “loading…”), i
can’t change any settings like which calendars from my account should
be synced (it just shows “loading…”).

That’s really annoying 'cause my smartphone is the only calendar i am using. This is really important to me!

Where does it show “loading…”? Maybe you could post a screenshot.

There have been other topics about Google Calendar not syncing, you could check those out. (Click on the magnifying glass right on top of the page, and search for “google calendar”).

Keep us updated.

Greets, Stefan

Hi Stefan and thanks for your quick reply!
I can’t even select which calendars from my account to sync… (see screenshot below)
Any advise would be really helpful as i am right know carrying two smartphones with me… :-?

But this is not the default calendar app, is it? Mine looks like this:

Edit: does it work with the default calendar app with the green icon?

Did you check the accounts in settings? Try to delete the Google accounts and login again.

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Thank you so much for your help, Stefan!
Hm… this is really annoying! :frowning:

The default calendar app ain’t on my FP (any more). I think something went terribly wrong with my Anti-Theft App. Since Google Calendar was not the only app making trouble i decided to reset my FP (Hard Reset:

But even that did not help!!! How is it even possible that after a “Hard Reset” the system still does not look like when fresh from the stock?!

You are very welcome! :smile:

It is indeed quite strange that a hard reset does not restore everything… :open_mouth:

Do you have F-Droid? The stock calendar app is available there for download (or just download it from the f-droid-website.

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I have to admit that i still don’t get why the (so called) hard reset did not restore the default calendar app. But, after reinstalling the default calendar app using f-droid (@Stefan: Thanks!) both - the default and google cal app - are working!
I hope that nobody else will have the same problem as i still don’t understand what was goning on here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good that both are working now! :slight_smile: what a strange behaviour of the FP… :slight_smile:

Edit: I thought about this again and I think now, that probably there was some file missing, which made both the apps useless… Just a guess though :slight_smile: