Google Autosynch not working

Hello everyone!
I am experiencing some problem after the update: My auto sync doesn’t work anymore with Gapp. Do someone know how to solve it? I tried to enable disable many time the background data option but still it has problem. Can anyone help me?

I moved your post to a new topic as I don’t think anyone reported the same issue before.

Ok I fixed my problem but I found a bug that caused this Issue.

Here is the point:
I used two sim.
I disabled the background data of google freamwork for the sim in slot 1.
Then I got rid of the sim in slot 1 , and I put the sim that was in slot 2 inside the slot 1.
This coused a big problem because the phone didn’t recognize the change really well.
In fact, even if the phone was saing that the Google Freamwork app data background was enabled, it was still not autosyniching.

To fix this issue I reput the old sim in the slot 1 and enable again the data background from that sim (because the options of that sim have been automatically memorized by the phone). In such a way everything is back to normality, even if i keep changing the sim.

Another bug that I found is that if I disable sim 2 while sim1 is in, I cannot modify the background data options of sim 1 inside the data settings

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