Google Apps keep reinstalling/ reactivating

Thank you very much for your detailled description! I had most google apps replaced and deactivated before, but now I used your post to get rid of them completely.

The effect is huge! Before every single download took me ages while being connected to a wifi compared with mobile data download rates. Now a 100 MB download just takes a couple of seconds. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

I had a similar issue after trying to remove google searchbar on my FP3+ with a custom launcher (bliss).
The removing was not permanent. All my default apps were reseted on reboot.
The reason for this issue was that the launcher and some other apps were stored on the sd-card which was formatted as system storage. At reboot these apps were only available after signing into android. So android ‘decided’ to launch the original ‘google’ apps instead.
I simply formatted the sd-card as removable storage and re-installed all apps which were stored on the card.
The option to move single apps to the sd-card or back would help solving this issue but this option is missing in the settings of my Android 10 0077

Does anyone know the android system files within the rooted system that keep initiating the renabling?. Could purge those suckers with sd maid pro and hopefully then delete the actual google files from the ground up.

way i’m looking at it. it’s just a really stubborn thorn bush…
its got all its roots connecting to other programs within the phone but if you delete the renabling roots nothing should reinstall with perma wipe