Google apps install failed reason of 404

After update I tried to install google apps but it failed. Reason of 404. I have wifi and I cannot go to fair phone updater because if I go to fair phone updater, my only option is to update again. I cannot see which update I have but the question is immediately: ask for root permission.

I’m having this same problem since performing the latest update this morning (November 17th 2016).

First the message “Unfortunately Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped”. This happens approximately every 10-15 seconds. I’m assuming reinstalling Google Apps will solve this problem but no matter what I do, the install fails - reason of 404.

@Sophia_Nuhn - did you have any luck getting past this issue or fixing it or whatever? There aren’t any replies so if someone sees this, a speedy response would be awesome - I use my phone for everything and it’s currently rendered useless!

Thanks all!!

The search feature of this forum (the little magnifying glass above) gives multiple threads that discuss the same topic:

I’d like to specifically quote this one:

Thanks for these. I’ve seen all but the one about “enter advanced mode” and the URL link for the picture has expired but from another thread it says when entering Fairphone Updater there should be an “enter advanced mode” option near the bottom of the screen but there isn’t. My phone is an FP1U, I don’t know if that makes a difference?

I’ve now re-run Updater and powered off and on again 3-4 times each and despite the WiFi connection working fine, the Google Apps install keeps failing.

Advanced Mode only appears when you are connected to WiFi, which you say you are. I recommend you to clear the cache of the Fairphone updater (go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Updater and select “Clear Cache”).

I tried clearing the cache many times but had no luck.
Today I tried it again and saw a new update. Which I just tried.

After the update I notice 2 google play “buttons” in the App/ Widget Store. I tried the button on the right and just now I could install google apps.

Very happy that my phone is in contact with my computer and i can see my photo’s on a big screen again.
Thank you!

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