Google Apps do not install after update to 1.8.7 - no more ideas

The FP1 of my wife is my problem today.
We just updated from 1.8.5 to 1.8.7
Then run the storage update to one internal storage.

Now the last step: google Apps.
And they just do not install.
I can download the files, the the phone does restart. The small green robot shows up. The phone starts and… nothing.

Now what have I tryed so far:
Leave the language on english.
Run the update from widged and from Fairphone updater.
Keep the screen running all the time.
Erase all Data from Cache.
End all running apps.

Nothing did anything good.

Then I tried to Run the Update to 1.8.7 again. Perhapse here is something wrong. - Not enough space in cache… ?

So after more then 3 hourse in the forum and at least 10 times trying to install googleapps, I come to the end of my ideas…

Anyone an idea?

Malte from Germany

You could try #livingwogoogle :wink:

If that’s not an option for you: Go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > (Fairphone) Updater and then Clear Data.

PS: since the storage upgrade erased your data anyway, you could actually simply go to #dic:recoverymode and Clear Data there. This should get rid of any corrupt downloads, etc.

Living without Google is NOT a solution for a fairphone problem…
Clear Data in Updater did nothing (I mentioned that above)

But in the end I did this:
a) Factory reset ( >settings >backup and reset > reset to factory…)
b) left the language in english
c) just logged in to wlan (and did really nothing else - so I had a clean system)
d) updated googleapps

and… yes.
Then I checked google. I checked playstore.
Then I got the rest of the settings and apps back from backup.

Then I did all the rest.

Update started: 10:00am
Updated ended: 2:am…
Thanks to the system I spend a day with it… :frowning:

And I got the backup of Whatsapp from the cloud back - my wife is happy.

Have a nice sunday.