GOOD for enterprise

Anyone having experience its “GOOD for enterprice” on FP2? I have problems to write New emails, and to create items in the calendar. Can it be fixed? Anyone having a solution?

I need to install it, I haven’t got round to it yet. I’ll install it and request the activation codes and get back to you. Should take a few days.

Well, you can install other e-mail/calender apps on your FP2.

But we could help you if you provide some information:

  1. Which apps do you use (for e-mail/calendar)?
  2. Which steps do you take?
  3. Which result do you get? (If error messages appear, please write them here down too.)
  4. Which result do you expect?

GOOD for enterprise is the app which he is using.

GOOD is made for big companies that want full control. Do you really need it? Normally the configuration gets pushed onto the phone and the IT department will configure their phone for you.

Thank. Please let me know if you find any solutions:-)

Yes, it is a big company and I have to use this app due to security issues. I hope it won’t limit my possibility to use fairphone…

I have to use this app for my work email/calendar. It is the only app approved by my job IT department. They have no experience with fairphone so I hope this wonderful forum can help:-) When I try to create an email or a calendearitem there is no reaction from the phone/app. It works fine on other Android platforms so I assume it is a problem linked to the phone.

Have you disabled the “Privacy Impact” feature? If yes, please re-enable it. It’s a known bug that apps will not work properly with Privacy Impact disabled.

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Hi Mattias, I’ve installed Good for Enterprise and I can’t replicate the problems you are having. I was able to create and send a mail and also create a calendar appointment.

Did you check the suggestion above about the Privacy Impact app?

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It will :slight_smile: The app will limit the way you will be able to use your phone, that’s one of its purposes.

Why don’t you let your company provide you with a phone? Normally (not sure if this is still true … or if there is more than one version) the app will be like a remote control for your phone. But maybe behavior can be limited, so that “only” the app is remote controlled. The suggestions about the “Privacy Impact app” sound right. Keep us updated!

Yes, it works! Thanks a lot:-) I love this forum, where friendly fairphone owners share their expertise!