[GONE] FP2 modules or entire phone to give-away (Amsterdam)

Hi there,

I am heartbroken, my Fairphone 2 broke down… Apparently a dive into the water is not one of the favourite activities of the phone. As a result of said dive the SIM connectivity of both slots is completely lost, making the phone unusable. All the other things still work fine. The phone itself is from January 2016, but I have been upgrading and replacing the modules. So I have:

  • Bottom module from November 2018
  • Display module from March 2019
  • Battery from September 2018
  • Camera module (upgrade) from October 2017
  • Top module from January 2016

Pick up in Amsterdam or shipping in the Netherlands


I have sent you a PM to explain how your FP2 would be of great value to our Fairphone Community Aachen (at least one of us lives in the Netherlands permanently).

And my commiserations for the loss of life of your FP2. :frowning:

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