Gmail, Twitter, playstore no connection!

Since yesterday, my gmail app, Twitter app, and playstore app, tell me that they have no connection. WiFi in our house is working normaly on other devices, and also, instagram, Wikipedia app, weather app… are working.
Please help, i m worried.

What i did yesterday: went through pages like “15 best android apps” and tried some, deleted some… I also had to change settings something with proxy.

HI @bebatjof

Because you state in your message that you’ve been tweaking the proxy settings the problem is most likely caused from there. Make sure the proxy settings are set to ‘none’ to be positive that this isn’t causing the problem. (Settings > Wifi (press the word, next to the slider) > Long press the network you’re connected to > Modify Network > Check “Show advanced options” > Proxy settings)

Please let me know if this worked

Kind regards,



Thanks a lot, it works!
I shouldn’t have messed with stuff i don’t understand.

No problem, messing around is part of getting to know your phone. It’s the ‘undoing’ of the messing around that is important to remember :smiley:

Happy Fairphone-ing !

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Excellent, glad you managed to solve this.

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