Glitching screen

The screen started glitching then went black when you touch it on day TWO. Tried trouble shooting didn’t work… Very disappointing with the quality. Contacted supports in multi ways and multiple times. No response! Raging that spent €500 and not able to use after two days and can’t even get help… was very impressed with the whole concept, but very disappointed with product itself and customer service

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What phone are you talking about? Where did you buy it and what software is running on it?

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3+, bought online. Only used two days… not sure about software, can’t check now either as not able to use the phone…

I meant fairphone online store…

Online where? 500€ is far to expensive for a 3+:

Sorry I thought you are staff from the fairphone. I bought online plus case. Do you have any idea how to reach their customer support or if you have any idea how to fix it… feel it’s a joke that I have to fix brand new phone… thanks

This is just a user forum, no official support channel.
You can contact support via:
I don’t know, whether the phone land line is working (again) to be honest, as there where some problems recently.


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