Glass Screen Protection for FP2 & FP3

You’re not wrong. I live in the Republic of Ireland though, so my options are somewhat limited. Nevertheless I still do have options. I know the product now thanks to BertG and that’s what really matters. I’ll report back when I find an alternative distributor for my little country. Nice use of the adjective antinomic by the way.


I don’t mean to disagree or have proposed buying on amazon; it’s just one of the channels this company is using. (Just for information purposes: I am - most unfortunately - sure, that there are many companies as bad or even far worse than amazon (at least in Germany, where I live)).
In my opinion Amazon - no matter what - is a really valuable source for information; and that is what my posting was meant to deliver.
atFolix is also - even more - distributing it’s products via eBay; not sure, if that is better in the end. Informationwise links to eBay pages are ageing very fast and unfortunately the company has not that much information on her own page.

Just checked.
Shipping from Germany and right now for FP2 only:

Btw.: I have no idea, if they are any better than the “Brotect” stuff, that @vthejay linked to. Just another option I guess.

I’m sorry it took me so long to report back with my findings:
I have come up with nothing.
Therefore, I just bought the screen protector from Amazon. I had no choice. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

Audrey, you say you intend to get a shop to make a 3D print for you. I sent an email enquiry to a 3D printing shop near me but got no reply so I did not pursue the matter further. I would have thought that this would present challenges with the opacity/clarity of the material and perhaps with touchscreen function. I’m sure it’s possible though. Please report back on your experiences with this venture.

I also enquired about screen protectors for the Fairphone 3 in a number of phone repair shops in Ireland. I mentioned both atFolix and Brotect as examples and I had hoped that they might look up the phone and find one of their existing models that would also work on the 3. They were kind enough to reply to email queries, but the answer was no - they do not stock this phone and they do not know of this phone.

On an anecdotal note, I looked at repair and resale websites and discovered that the three most common devices that are either repaired or resold are Apple, Samsung and Huawei. This will hardly come as a surprise. It does nonetheless explain, to me at least, why these three companies go to such lengths to make their devices irreparable. I see now the gravity of their problem with trying to sell new devices.


Hey folks,

I want to share the “BROTECT® AirGlass® Glass Screen Protector for Fairphone 3” with you all.

I bought this brand because it claims to be glass, not a plastic film. I don’t like the film varieties that are available.
The glass itself is super thin and it’s quite flexible.
It’s clear once fitted and you can’t really tell it has been fitted when looking at the display.
The cutout for the speaker and selfie-camera are well placed.
The product was sent from Germany and is made there too.

Most important of all is the screen remains as sensitive as it was before.

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I watched some reviews and bought the Brotect Airglass and immediately noticed that the touchscreen isn’t as sensitive. My skin is already a poor conductor, so I often have problems clicking stuff.

Does anyone have other recommendations for screen protectors? I’m considering just buying a large sheet of Vikuiti (3M) and cutting it to size with a scalpel.

I bought “dipos Glass crystalclear”. It combines the advantages of real glass and plastic.
I’m satisfied, i just have to wipe away fingerprints from time to time.

I use als o the Brodit Brotect.
It is also available as a privacy variant, so your neighbor in the tram could not see the screen content.

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I got the Brotect, and while it says it’s for the FP3, the cutouts at the top don’t quite line up correctly. I got a 3 pack, so I might try altering one a bit, but for now I’m just going to go without until I figure out the best way to deal with it.

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