Giving away back cover (see-through) for Fairphone 3, looking for protective case

What product(s) are you giving?

Back cover (see-through) for Fairphone 3/3+

What product(s) are you looking for?

Protective case for fairphone 3+

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From where would you be shipping (country or city)?


Where would the product(s) need to be shipped (country or city)?


Are you aware the protective case doesn’t replace the back cover and is a supplementary protection? If you use the case without the back cover, you might have problem with the case, or even worse, the battery being loose.
Also, I doubt anyone will want to swap a back cover for a a protective case, because of the price difference.

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Dear Alex, thanks for your comment. In fact, I have two back covers (I purchased a back cover instead of a protective case).

You’re certainly right that people may not be interested because of the price difference (although my understanding of the swapping concept is to exchange things for which both parties have no need, regardless of their price).

In any case I need the protective case rather quickly so I’ll purchase it from the store and put the cover to give away.

Thanks, best regards,

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