[Given away] - well used FP2 for parts

Well used Fairphone2.

Operating system crashes regularly. So probably only usable for parts.

  • No scratches on the screen
  • Comes with transparent and blue cover
  • Both covers are damanged
  • Bottom module replaced
  • Microphone module replaced

Preferably pickup in person (South Holland).

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.

I’d love to have it, I live in France :slight_smile:
As I’m not dying to get a bottom module, if somebody else wants it, they can have it.

Great! Let’s give it a few days.

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Hello! I’m also interrested, if you can send it to Belgium :smiley:

Before you guys battle, I have one I dont really need, status of the core module is unclear, the prev owner stated display would stay black from time to time and BT calls were not working, hearing music via BT was no problem.mic is broken, it has the old cam modules.Indigo back cover broken


@yvmuell perhaps you can start your own thread. That way we won’t confuse people.

The 2 in question are aware and can contact me, else I will just keep it.

Bonjour, moi par contre, je rève du module bottom :slight_smile:

Beste mpkorstanje,
Als de bodemmodule goed is wil ik graag uw Fairphone 2 komen ophalen. De aanleiding voor mijn reactie is een kapotte speaker.
Voor degene die mijn FP2 heeft overgenomen is handsfree bellen noodzakelijk vanwege een lichamelijke beperking.
Hopelijk is uw aanbod nog beschikbaar…
Hartelijke groet,
~Date Meinema~

Hi, have you read my DM from yesterday? It is in Dutch, I assumed that is your native language :wink:
Let me know if you need English translation!

Dear Ciel,
I don’t need an English translation because I (think to) have sent a direct message to another Dutch person.
I realize that in most cases I’d better use the English language.
Yours cordially,

Given away.

I’ve found several people in need of parts locally.

@Alex.A Can you change the topic title? I don’t seem to be allowed to edit it.

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