Giveaway: free Fairphone shirt (size M)

I have a Fairphone t-shirt in size M that I do not need (never used). I am willing to send it anywhere (from Germany) if you pay for postage.

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I don’t need one, but you might want to add for others if it is a men’s shirt or a women’s shirt (Fairphone has both versions).

I may be interested if it’s a men shirt and I can pay via PayPal (through, for example). I’m based in Madrid, Spain.


It is a men’s shirt, and I can send it to Madrid. Let me figure out how much postage costs, then I get back to you later today.

I can send the shirt via DHL to Spain for 4,89€. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

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I picked it up on friday, but didn’t have time to check it until now. Communication and shipment was positive and friendly.

But it wasn’t a men’s shirt. It was a women’s shirt. It’s pretty obvious once you unpack it and spread it on a table or bed. I’m disappointed.

So, advice for anyone that wants to get something from Market : always ask for pictures.

I’m sorry for that, I got the shirt from fairphone because I ordered a
phone 6 years ago, and never thought about the possibility that they
would send me a women’s shirt.