Giveaway - FP3 Green Protective Phone Case

Hi all,

I bought the Green Protective phone case with my Fairphone 3 but it is surplus to my requirements.

It is unused and still in its original box.

I live in Winchester in the UK and am happy to send it on to anyone who would like it and be located either here in the UK or EU.

If you would like it, I will find out how much the postage and packaging will be, inform you of this, and then I will post it to you once payment is agreed and received.

Any questions do let

me know.

Best wishes,



I would be happy to take it!

Sure thing,
Happy to provide it to you.
Do you intend to use it for your phone, or sell it on?
Let me know your address and I can calculate postage.

Cool, I will be using the case myself. Just messaged the details as requested.

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