Giveaway: FP2 Battery (used, I guess), FP2 Camera (used, 1st Generation), FP2 Amplifier

Hey folks,

my name is Martin and I’m from Hessen, Germany.
I give away my used FP2-Supplies since I do not need them anymore.

What have we got?

  • FP2 Battery (I am quite unsure if it is used yet or not, but probably it is)
  • FP2 Camera (used; 1st generation, the primal one; without screws!)
  • FP2 Amplifier (used, but without signs of using :wink:)

Sorry, just one picture for new users :confused:

If anyone is interested, please let me know…
Concerning shipping, there will be a solution if you live too far away.

Kind regards

That is a kind offer, thank you! I would be interested! I live in Sweden, but can pick this up at my parents place in Kassel in the beginning of October.

Kind regards,

Hey Paul,

that is good to hear!
Do you want all three supplies or just some of them?

Just in case that @santa-klaus does not want it, I would be interested in the amplifier. :smile:

Hey Martin,

if that’s okay I would like to have all three. But especially the amplifier, sorry BertG! :grimacing:

For me, it is okay. :sweat_smile:
Where should I send it to?

I’ll send you a personal message. Thanks!

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