Gifting my Fairphone 2 (broken battery) to someone in need

I am offering my old Fairphone 2 with an broken battery for free.
It’s some years ago since I last booted it.
Can’t say how it’s doing - what I see is, that you need an new battery for the phone.
I will send it for shipping cost to anywhere in germany.
The phone has a white case and the case has an damage at the bottom right corner.

Living near Stuttgart in the south of germany.

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Whilst a generous gesture you are asking recipient to perhaps waste €15 for a new battery to find out whether it boots or not. There is a Fairphone angel locally in Stuttgart to whom you could gift it, whom I am sure would re-purpose it? It still has value for a working bottom module and uprated camera if nothing else.

Hello! I have just had my Fairphone 4 stolen. My couple has two batteries for a Fairphone 2 and it would be very convenient for me because I can not afford to pay another one. I would be very grateful if you can send it to me to Spain and I will pay you the shipping cost, of course! Thanks a lot.

Hi!It will be a pitty that this issu close. So I writte you again to hice you some more days just in case

Greetings :slight_smile:

You might also try to contact @mcchickenhill via pm (see #how-to-dm ).

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That’s a great idea!thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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