Ghost touch Fairphone 4

Dear community, my name is Christoph and I bought my FP4 in July 2022. Since several weeks I have an issue with ghost touching and as the official Fairphone support didnt answer my requests since more than 14 days now I am hoping to get support here:

From time to time (sometimes every 10 minutes, sometimes once an hour) the phone reacts like I would wildly touch the screen and for example swipe or zoom in or do single touches. To visualize whats happening I am using an the “Android developer option” to trace the touches that happen. In the attached screenshot you can see a result of this. Apparently the issue is happening around the display center line - that´s always the case as far as I saw it so far. Not always it looks such chaotic or intense, sometimes it´s just short single swipes, sometimes it´s something in between.

Installation of firmware build 163.20220826 didnt resolve my issue.

Did somebody see similar issues? Might that be related to electrical contacting in the touch sensor or the plug connector? Thanks for any ideas :slight_smile:

VG, Christoph


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