Ghost inputs on FP4

I keep getting ghost inputs after the A12 update. So it seems to indicate that, as seems to be the concensus now, it is a hardware issue.

I’m on Android 12 and had ghost inputs an hour ago.

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That’s because it is probably a hardware issue. Try my fix as described above. I haven’t had any ghost inputs since.


My working fix from November (reassembly) may have finally started to fail. I’ve had two or three short ghost inputs since yesterday after I accidentally let something heavy fall onto my phone.

I think it’s loosened the screen connector again, which I now suspect was originally caused by dropping the phone onto a hard floor.

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Dissapointment is growing with the Fairphone 4.

Sometimes this happens:

Like continious swiping with a finger over the keyboard, but the phone just laying on the table. Display is clean.

Second error: phone is put into portrait mode, but changes the direction of the screen.


Anyone knows this errors?

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic.

As you can tell from the number of reports, you aren’t alone with that problem.

Your second issue might be related to …

… you can follow up there.

Thanks, I didn’t had the right word for the search.

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Fairphone wrote me, that they fixed my device and it is en route back to me. Let’s see what they did and if it really solves the problem.


We are curious to know what Fairphone did to fix your Fairphone 4. Did they explain it to you what they have done to fix your phone?

For everybody’s information : since my fix I haven’t had any ghost inputs yet. When the ghost inputs come back I will claim my warrenty.

2bad that Fairphone doesn’t read this thread. So many People with this problem. I find it a bit ackward 2 be honest.

Kind regards and have a nice day everyone!


@Hans_de_Vries just in case you missed my previous question, could you maybe give some more details on what precisely you did? I understand you glued some kind of sticker to the back of the display connector? Would you mind roughly explaining what kind of sticker it is, and how thick it is?

Ow I am sorry, I missed that question. I fixed this foam sticker on the very thin sticker on the screen side. It’s not a thin sticker but one with foam. Those are often used in iPhones For example. That way the connector of the screen is forced harder in the socket of the mainboard but in a gentle non-destructive way. I suspect that the connector loosens a bit in daily usage when dropping on the table or using it in a car with navigation where the phone shakes a little bit. Most phones the displayconnector is fixed on the mainboard with screwable plates For example.


I have the same issues as described in this thread. They don’t happen frequently, so I do not want to take action (like sending the phone in) at the moment, but I would like to contribute towards popularizing this topic, with the hope that fairphone officials will become more aware. Any advice what I should do (except for posting here)?

I have the same issues described here, touch flicking up and down usually in the lower middle, I even see it swiping over the keyboard randomly typing.

I have to push the power button to close the screen and then again to open and it’s usually cleared.

It started last year, seemed to be ok for a few days after android 12 update, but it’s happening multiple times a day, usually happens after waking the phone, very frustrating.

I had this as described and it was replaced under warranty

As discussed much earlier in the thread it can be confusing because the screen is so sensitive it can respond when you’re not or perhaps barely touching it but the ghosting previously got worse then way out of hand and now is gone.

I actually tried that approach as well. I opened the phone, dis- and reconnected the screen. But that did not seem to change anything. These ghost inputs still remain and they come multiple times a day.

I fixed the ghost input issue adding 3 layers of electrical tape on the back of the screen connector to raise its thickness. Thus the pressure applied by the foam attached to the back of the phone is a bit higher and the connector is more firmly engaged.

Ok, but the question is, how sustainable this solution is. I also put a foam on this position. The probabilty is lower than before but it happens again. When the root cause of the ghost touches should be this connector, then it should be a dependence of concussions But I couldn’t recognize that.

I did the same, had some ghost inputs this morning though… fix lasted about a week.

@Hans_de_Vries : where can i get thicker foam pad?

That’s not good news. I fixed my foam sticker around 5 weeks ago now. So now and then I shake the phone hard, drop it on the table and use it in my car where it shakes very often.

I think it is important that you use a foam sticker quite thick. I used the foam sticker that sits on the inside of speakergrill metallic plate of an iphone 8 lcd screen.

When I mounted the screen back in I noticed that the connector of the screen was really fixed on the mobo with this foam sticker.

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So I made a search on the internet for you guys which foam sticker I used. On this link there is the specific sticker I used:

After a couple of weeks (I think 6 now) I haven’t experienced any ghost inputs yet. Whereas only disconnecting and reattaching the screen I got ghost inputs within a week. With this sticker the ghost inputs stay away until thisfar.