Getting the Google Play Store on the phone in a usable from

Yes, I know this is what the “Play Store Installer” is there for. It is not on the phone. My situation is that I am running Android 4.2.2, having performed a “factory data reset”. I would prefer to be running Fairphone OS, but I can’t see any way of getting back to that.

I had switched over to Android from Fairphone OS because of the Play Store not working and stupid “unfortunately, google play services has stopped working” crashes that were popping up at totally random times. Be warned, switching over to android does nothing to alleviate this. Removing the play store and Google Play Services and then trying to reinstall them from apks also brings these crashes. Hence why I “factory reset”, hoping to be taken back to a Fairphone OS version where everything was as it previously was. But nope, I’m still on Android, the Play Store has gone again, and as I say there’s no clear way to get to Fairphone OS.

You should be able to return to Fairphone OS using these instructions and using the v1.6 for your phone (there are 2 depending upon whether you have a 1st edition FP1 or a 2nd edition FP1U)

Actually, which image to use on a FP1 depends on whether you used the storage upgrader or not. If you did the upgrade, use the FP1U image. This has already been mentioned many times, I hope this gets changed in the helpdesk articles someday …

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thanks for the correction @haffenloher :smile:

Thanks Chris_R, the instructions worked and I’m in a good position now!

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Glad this is sorted for you now :smile:

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