Getting the 1.8 Launcher back - (originally: What's wrong with consistency?)

why? why? why a change in the UI design again? the old 1.8 UI was so much better… now i am back with two useless home screen “tabs”… (i just need three) and the small icons are a pita once again.

frustrated and unhappy.

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You can still get the V2 KitKat launcher back.

Here is the link,
The old launcher is back because there were so many people unhappy about it, it’s a matter of preference I guess.


thank you very much! that makes things already much better!

however, i still have only the small icons. would you happen to know whether that is something i can fix, too?


I have seen somewhere that people used Xposed to change the icon sizes.
Will need to search for a bit, gimme a couple of minutes. :]


Edit2: there is also a topic discussion about Xposed here


thank you once again! i am not sure i feel comfortable to install Xposed… i 'll try some research before installing it…

much appreciated your quick and good replies!

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is there any way to get back the bigger icons from 1.8? I really liked the new look.

I downloaded the version 2 launcher and it looks all like before (on kola nut) but i have the smaller app icons now. Is there a way to have the bigger ones again?

@veitl and @fabithom I moved your posts here because this topic answers your question. If you have more questions about this theme please discuss here

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I tried to the AppSettings stunt the other way around (I liked the bigger icons).
However, whatever changes I make to the DPI don’t seem to be applied. I still got the small symbols, even if I change DPI for Fairphone OS v2 to 250.
What could I be missing? The AppSettings module is activated and I’ve rebooted about 10 times by now.

Going back from the 1.8 launcher to the (old) 1.8.5 launcher, it really seems extremely silly to have such small icons. They are not closer together, so no more fit on the home screen, so why not just use the space and have big icons?

I get that the FP team chose to do this, because a lot of commenters were somehow very mad about the change. But I just wanted to say that it just feels weird going back to the small icons.

What I do like, is that the app menu stays on the same page if you go back to home and open the menu again. I believe the 1.8 launcher menu went back to the first page every time.

I think I’m going back to the v2 launcher, but I’m not sure yet…

Yes, and that was a major PitA!

Just so you know the V2 launcher still has smaller icon size.

In another topic, I complained about tje launcher that came with the latest update. As advised, I re- installed the “old” V2 launcher and… I’m able to create new homescreens again! Thanks for that; but: my icons still are tinsy-winsy small… Any idea how to solve that and bring them back to the “old” size??

Ahhh… crossposted; sorry. That was my question too!

here you go

For your interest: After googling around a bit, I’ve tried if changing screen resolution, by editing build.prop would help. To my surprise, the ‘ro.sf.lcd_destiny=’ entry wasn’t there, so I’ve added that and experimented with values above 240 (for instance: ro.sf.lcd_destiny=260 ). Although this did actually result in bigger icons, as a side effect texts would be less “sharp” and with values above 260 would cause some icons to go “over the edge”, out of reach, as it were.

As I found those side effects quite unacceptable, I’ve decided to learn and live with the small icons. So in order to revert to the original settings, I removed the ro.sf.lcd… entry from build.prop again.

My advice would be, to leave everything as it is, but in case you feel adventurous, feel free to experiment (see if you’d like to know howto, but there are many more instructions out there :sunglasses: ).

:grimacing: Be very careful, though, as messing up build.prop could cause serious trouble in other regions of your phone and might even render it useless! :cold_sweat:


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