Get back from Beta to Release channel for FPOS

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Since I had the issue that the call volume could not be set to a low level, @anon12454812 invited me to test the beta of the current release. I played the guinea pig, gave feedback and asked how I could get back to the Release channel since I’m fine with supporting them in issues that I have but since I mainly see the phone as a tool and not as a toy to spend too much time on it’s important for me to have a stable system. Unfortunately I never received any feedback back from Rick and my research only brought up this unanswered thread:

So is there a way to get the phone back to the release channel without wiping and reinstalling everything?


Clearing app data and cache for Fairphone updater should cause the updater to not show beta updates. I’m not sure whether you then need to install a release version manually before the normal updates will work, but a factory reset shouldn’t be necessary.


Indeed, it doesn’t show the beta remark anymore. I just didn’t consider this solution from the other thread because it looked like that didn’t solve it there. Thank you!

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