German fairphoner, I'm asking for your help (Swapping orders)

Dear fellow German fairphoner,

I was wondering whether you would be willing to help me receive my phone in time to be able to take it abroad when I leave in January.

More specifically, I’m looking for someone who is not in so urgent need of his FP2 and is willing to “trade” shipping numbers with me. I have order number 12117 but till my phone arrives, I will not be in Germany anymore. Changing the address to another country is not possible unfortunately.

Anybody who expects delivery still this year willing to change his shipping address to mine and I change mine to yours so the phone will be with me? I’d appreciate your help a lot!



Seems like nobody would like to help me out :confused:

Hey Vinni,
could I help you also only to offer my adress for delivery and I will send it to your new adresse (but sorry, without swapping the orders)? Which country are you (because of course would cost extra shipping fee from Germany to there…)?

I have people in Germany who would forward it to England but I want to save the forward shipping fee… It’s quite expensive for an item of so much value.

ok. DHL:
13,99 EUR for 500 EUR value (should be OK?!)
26,50 for 1000 EUR value, you know I guess…

I might end up doing that, yes…