🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)

Just measuring a real FP2 battery would probably show it’s too long. I just roughly calculated/estimated its height from the iFixit photo and it should measure around 65-66 mm in height (FP1 battery: 61 mm).

UPDATE: By now I have been able to measure. The maximum extension (height) of the FP2 battery is 66 mm.

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The Huawei battery is also a very different battery. :upside_down_face: It’s of course all on people’s own risk!


As a private person it’s okay to do all the testing of various replacement batteries and blow yourselves up? Nah, i just don’t agree. I really think the aftercare of FP1 needs improving (i don’t approve of the decision to stop., i consider it against your own principles). Fairphone is foregoing it’s own principles acting like a big company covering it’s own ass from incidents happening with the FP1 battery. I understand the choice, but it was not the choice in accordance with your principles / the fundaments of this tribe.

My hubbie just removed the battery out of my FP1 which was seriously jammed because of bloating

Via work (ministry) i landed myself a FP2, which serves me well. Only i promised the FP1 to my 8yr old son, who now has to go without. …his frst ventures with a phone. I am not buying him a phone, but i would like him to experience a good first phone…
Jong geleerd oud gedaan

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I would not agree as well to blowing yourself up.
Therefor it’s good, that you don’t have to. The Huawei battery is being used - according to this forum - by a lot of people. My wife and me, we are using those in our FP1 since July and August 2017 without any problems.
And - as Samsung has proved beyond reasonable doubt - new and original batteries can blow up with lots of public appeal as well.
It is your decision of course, just from my experience I can only encourage you to reactivate your FP1 with one of the generic batteries! In my opinion the risk is no higher than with any other phone.

As to Fairphone acting against their principles:
I would say yes and no, if I got it right.
Yes, the promise of longevity and repairability (and software-updates) could not be kept any longer. The end of line for software updates was ultimately decided by the chip manufacturer.
When it comes to sustainability and protection of the environment it’s a bit different.
To keep batteries, displays etc. available, they would have had to find a manufacturer. That would have been possible.
To get the manufacturer produce a battery or a display, the order would have had to be big enough. So they would have had to order either (1) lots of devices or (2) a limited number of devices at quite high prices.
(1) would have lead to a lot of devices that in the end would have ended in recycling.
(2) would have lead to prices no one would have been willing to pay (go back to (1)) or a substantial financial loss for Fairphone, possibly ending the movement altogether.

As I see it, there really was no alternative, even if would have wished different for our two phones.


Für das Fairphone 1 gibt es jetzt auch einen “Spacer” zum Ersatzakku. Damit lässt sich das Akku im Fairphone 1 fixieren. Ich hab’s ausprobiert, es funktioniert gut.

Hier ein Link dazu:

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I designed an adapter piece for the HB5N1H replacement battery. If someone is interested the design is published here: FP1 Battery Supporter



Looks really cool and sophisticated!

Do you mean HB5N1H?

Thanks! Yes, I mean the HB5N1H.

Are you guys talking about species of influenca virus?


Nope, just the model number used for the generic Huawei battery.
You can use this code HB5N1H for searching the battery on amazon or the like.

After I read all the experiences in this thread with the generic batteries and thanks to the pictures as well, I have now started using an Akku-King battery for HB5N1H and using cable binders to fill the gap in the casing it works fine. Lasts for about 1,5 days and does not seem to get hot.
The lifespan of my phone just increased 1-2 years! Thank you everyone for sharing!


Good to hear!
Just keep in mind, that the temperature reading of any battery-app used will not be accurate. So you have to rely on your own feeling.

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:de: Ich habe mir den auch gleich bestellt und bin leider nur mäßig begeistert.
Erste Bedenken hatte ich schon, als ich gelesen habe, dass der Spacer aus Silikon ist.
Und leider hat sich das bestätigt.
Der Spacer ist zu flexibel und die Batterie verliert bei mir immer wieder den Kontakt. Ich werde mal versuchen noch ein dünnes Stückchen Kabelbinder zusätzlich einzulegen.
Den zweiten Spacer, den ich für meine Frau bestellt habe, habe ich deshalb jetzt noch gar nicht ausprobiert.

:uk: I have ordered two spacers for my wife and me and I am not too enthusiastic about them.
I had my first doubts, when I read, that those spacers are made of silicone.
Unfortunately I was correct.
My spacer is too flexible and the battery is losing contact quite often. I will try to fix it by inserting a piece of cable tie in addition.
Due to this experience, I haven’t tried the second spacer for my wife so far.


Mist, das tut mir leid! Bitte kontaktiere Jubatec (rene@jubatec.eu) und gib ihnen Bescheid!!! LG und alles Gute! Silke

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I bought a
Akku für Huawei wie HB5N1H u.a. 1800mAh - ITAX
and I am using it on my FP1 since last 20/03 (third day today).
Up to now it is working with no drawback at all.
The only point I had to face was to find a small “mechanical adapter” given that the HB5N1H is smaller than the original battery. in this “Ver. alpha” I did it cutting a piece of silicone bottle cap as in the picture:


I, too, have finally resorted to buying the HB5N1H battery as a replacement. My partner, who has sculpting skills, attached a simple flat piece of Apoxie Sculpt modeling compound to the bottom of the battery (slightly extending on the right side to prevent any lateral motion). It’s in one piece (the compound is self-hardening and bonded with the plastic on the bottom of the battery) and a nice sturdy fit.
Great to have a reliably performing battery in my phone again.


Der Silikon-Spacer hat sich leider bei mir nicht bewährt. Tatsächlich ist das keine zuverlässige Lösung. Das Silikon ist weich und bei Stößen heben die Kontakte ab, so dass sich das FP ausschaltet. Ganz doof, wenn man das nicht merkt; so ist man stundenlang nicht erreichbar.
Ich habe mir dann einen Akku mit hartem Spacer bestellt und siehe da: es funktioniert perfekt!

The silicone spacer didn’t work well for me. Because of the elastic deformation in case of impacts of the phone, the batterie’s contacts get lifted from the connection to the phone and the phone shuts down immediately. That’s quite bad, if you don’t notice that, so you are not available for hours.


:de: Ich bin auch wieder zu der “schnell und einfach” Variante mit gefalteter Pappe zurückgekehrt. Etwas zu breit, so dass es mit Druck eingepresst werden muss und das hält.

:uk: I returned to the fast and easy solution as well: folded cardboard. Cut a bit wider than needed, so it has to be pushed in applying some pressure, that fixes it.


hi @HermannMeuth !

I wonder how it is going for you and the Huawei HB5N1H 1800mAh battery? Is or was there any overheating? Does it still work?


Update, this battery still working fine 23 May 2018