🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Generic battery to replace FP1 battery (⚠️see first post for warning)

thanks for this! can i ask how exactly you looked for this replacement?

i frankly don’t get why it is so hard to get a replacement battery that fits the specific size measures. obviously FP themselves must have looked into this, hence the sourcing problem.

i can’t find the simple battery size at all, but in mine it’s 6 x 5,1 x 0,4cm - so can anyone tell me why any battery that fits these wouldn’t work?

embarrassingly, the only site i found that actually lists measures is amazon, so e.g. this should fit:

Because the right number, the right placing and the right wiring of the contacts are important, too?

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ehm, i assume your question mark is ironic. to ask genuinely: which number, what wiring? by placing, you mean where the contacts are?

purely based on the images of both batteries, the dentures and placement of contacts could work, right? the voltage is comparable, the capacity (mAh) is another matter. right?

so who else has looked (must be loads), how and with what results?


As you can see, that Anker battery has 4 pins:

The original FP1 battery has 3 pins, just like the generic Huawei battery from above.

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No, I just don’t have much insight in this case, so I’m rather cautious :wink: .

These would just be my generic concerns apart from a fitting size … There are batteries with a different number of contacts, so the number is important. Where exactly they are placed and with how much space between them may differ, too, so that may be important. And which contact serves which function (sorry, no electrician here) should be important, too, that’s what I meant with wiring, I don’t know whether there is an established standard for that.

The working battery @HermannMeuth found has 3 contacts on the right (labeled) side.


The battery you linked to has 4 contacts on the left (labeled) side.


To me that seems to be a significant difference, so I would be cautious.


I just measured the dimensions of my FP1 battery and I’d rather say that they are 6.1 x 5.3 x 0.5 cm.

PS.: According to this page the Huawei replacement battery has these dimensions:

51.30 x 50.80 x 5.60 mm


understood, useful info, thanks again!

so it makes sense that spare part sites list only the models they’ll fit. still, there’s an absolute ton of batteries of course, so that leaves the most important question:

how exactly do you search for a suitable replacement, and is there really no closer fit than the one @HermannMeuth found?

As a company we advice against this. Keep in mind is that you will have to really proper test a battery to ensure for example that the thermistor has the same properties. It has to work well with the rest of the circuit in the FP1 in order to shut down the phone in case the battery pack starts overheating. Otherwise you will have a thermal runaway with catastrophic consequences…


douwe, the security concern is duly noted and addressed in the subject.

could you share any productive detail on what FP has done in terms of research?
no lengthy explanations, of course, only what is actually useful. that would be great, thanks.


I found this closer fit, but I wouldn’t want to try it. It looks dangerous and their advertising is suspicious:

Besides it is sold out, but it would have been 6 € for 2 batteries… :stuck_out_tongue:

This one might work: https://www.subtel.fi/Battery-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-mini/Ace-2/Trend/Trend-Plus/S-Duos/S-Duos-2/Player-One-E-914298.html (same dimensions as the dodgy 2-for-6-euro one).

Edit: The more sources I find the more I think that the Samsung EB-F1M7F comes closest to the FP1 battery. Dimensions: 50,5 x 60,5 x 4,45 mm. I wonder whether it would really fit the FP1 and if the temperature monitoring would work (the central pin).

Edit2: There seems to be two batteries that are identical apart from the number of pins. The Samsung EB-F1M7F seems to have 4 of them, while the Samsung EB-L1M7 has only three. Both of them are advertised for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (different flavours admittedly).


thanks, stefan!

funny, compatibility w galaxy s3 mini, the anker one w four pins said the same.

i think dx.com is fairly reputable; as regards the price, given that they’re all made in china, no reason to pay the likes of amazon a huge premium. not sure how fair their sourcing is, in either case. what do you think of this one?

so how did you go about looking for these, by dimension, model compatibility?

and can anyone else shed any light on the fit (temp etc), or how you could find out? nothing complicated, but practical advice.

The S beam battery looks ok-ish, but it’s also too short. Mind that the batteries could have a much lower capacity, depending on how much time ago they were produced.

I just clicked through the batteries on this page and found the samsung galaxy s3 mini one by chance. I think I got to that page by searching “smartphone batteries dimensions” in duckduckgo.

There are apps that can display the battery temperature. If it shows about 25°C on a freshly booted phone it should work and it should go up to about 38°C when you use 3G for a while (that’s my experience with the original FP1 battery).

When you let the phone lie in the direct sun, it should eventually give you a warning tone and shut down because of overheating.


thanks for sharing, HermannMeuth! I just ordered two of those vhbw batteries and I will try your solution.

Besides, I wonder if the temperature sensor thing is really a problem. There’s a temperature sensor inside the battery and yes, it provides the phone with the information about the temperature. But it would be a high risk to rely on the phone to shut off the battery (a software bug could prevent that from working) in case of overheating. So my guess (just a guess) is that the battery protection circuit takes care of that and just reports the temperature to the phone for additional safety an/or diagnostic measures.

Does anybody have reliable information on this topic?

Since @werner_noebauer links to a supposedly equivalent but sold out Changhong battery for P6T, V9 and others here, … how about this:



“971 suppliers can give you a quotation.” … Perhaps Fairphone could buy a few and check out whether they are any good.

Edit: Found another site with some more pictures of this battery:



yeah, brilliant. @Douwe, has this been tried?

@werner_noebauer, @HermannMeuth et al, how did you establish equivalence?

I guess there is no such thing as equivalence unless the battery is specifically produced for a phone model (we do need standardized smartphone batteries!)

Most important things, from my point of view:

  • correct output voltage (3,7/3,8V)
  • temperature monitoring works
  • dimensions of the battery

The capacity is not so important, but a higher capacity is of course preferred. (The Samsung batteries I mentioned above only have 1500mAh, and the current FP1 battery has 2100mAh.)


I will receive one of those batteries tomorrow or on Wednesday and will report back. “Testing for thermal safety” will be done using the app DevCheck. At the moment it displays 27°C for my original FP1 battery, but it goes up to 39°C, when I use 3G and surf the internet for about half an hour. I will compare these values to the ones obtained with the generic HB5N1H battery.


The FP1 was based on a existing phone design for reduce costs. So unless the was a redesign to the battery, there ought to be other phones out there that take the identical battery.


Yup, this is mentioned four posts up in this topic. As far as I know, nobody has ever verified that those actually work (or that there were modifications for the FP1), and they don’t seem to be available any more either.

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Thank you for doing the good work not just for yourself, but for many others. :slight_smile: