Generally not impressed

Well, since receiving my Fairphone 2 in february, I’m particulary unimpressed with its performance.
I’m sure the screen is defective: Can’t use all the keyboard even if i turn the screen around…
When using the telephone the screen goes blank so i cant refuse or end the call…
Cant switch my alrm off unless i use the pull-down menu, only the snooze works…
Can’t access photo album in FB or whatsapp …
Probably more stuff I don’t know about.

My Fairphone1 was fine (my wife is still using it).

Oh! and support is extremely slow to react.


Did you update it?
I got mine in february too and I am realy happy with it :slight_smile:

I’ve updated every month. I think the screen is defective and needs to be replaced.
I don’t know about the rest … the updates haven’t changed anything (yet).

You could order a new one and change it. Acting like this i had very good experiences with the support.

Order a new one means pay for a new one, right? Sounds expensive…

Well that’s no reason to be unimpressed. Every phone company sells some defective devices, since no one can test all phones before shipping. You’ll get a new screen/phone for free.

This is a known issue caused by the proximity sensor being sensitive to dirt on or under the screen. Usually cleaning the screen (also from the inside) solves the issue - at least for a while. An update that may improve the sensibility of the sensor is being tested at the moment.

Post your request number here to get a fast reply.


I think what was meant was to make a warranty claim which doesn’t cost you anything, and which is a normal procedure when you get delivered a faulty device.

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