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sans doute une fausse manoeuvre de ma part:
-lors de la mis à jour Open .16.06 vers 16.07 semble s’être installée une application TWRP
-depuis je ne peux plus rien faire car je ne comprends rien Ă  cette appli
-et en plus , elle semble impossible à désinstaller
-en effet j’aurai souhaité ré-installer Open 16.06 car depuis la mise à jour le GPS ne fonctionne plus…
Comment sortir de cette impasse ?

probably a false move on my part:
-when the updated Open .16.06 to 16.07 seems to have set an application TWRP
-since I can not do anything because I do not understand this App
-and more, it seems impossible to uninstall
-in fact I have desired to re-install Open from 16.06 for updating the GPS stops working …
How to get out of this impasse?
Thank you


I am not sure if I understand you correctly.

But TWRP is the default recovery of Open OS, and is part of the Open OS since its first release (not only since 16.07).

Thank You…
But could you explain how to use this TWRP to intall OPEN 16.06…
I tried but I tried to open fp2-sibon-16.06-… zip with Updater and… ???
Keep cool…

You usually don’t use TWRP to install the OS, there are also no packages for this purpose (you would need to extract them first and only install some images).
Here are instructions for installing Open OS:

Thank you for your help…
I try an other solution which seems efficient…
1-Updater OPEN 16.07.1 to OS 1.5.1
2-Updater OS 1.5.1. to OS 1.4.1
3-Updater OS 1.4.1 to OPEN 16.06…0
TWRP disapears at step 1…

I checked all the directories and I did not find any directory TWRP ? (like before with OPEN 16.07.1)
It’s do-it yourself but I’very happy with that and I’ll stop all the OS open updates…
An other good new : the GPS is OK with OPEN 16.06.0 (like before)

Yes, because TWRP is only part of the FP Open OS, but not of the regular FP OS.

Though, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to achieve here …

Hello again
I think I was clear with regard to my questions about TWRP that had “spoil my life” as its operation is incomprehensible … I expect from Fairphone:
-1- An explanation for using TWRP
-2-Why TWRP not seem to be installed in OS 16.06.0 (not found directory)
Finally, it seems desirable to me that Fairphone understands that its customers are not necessarily specialists of Android but still possess a brain and would understand …

Have a good day

TWRP has been part of all FP Open OS releases.

I think it is a great recovery, way better than the default Android recovery, Not only in functionality, but it also comes with a nice and intuitive GUI, so personally I am very happy they replaced the default recovery with TWRP for the Open OS. In my opinion one of the major advantages over the FP OS.

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