🇬🇧 🇫🇷 Text message to an entire group/Envoyer un SMS à un groupe entier


How do you send text message to an entire group vith FP2 (without add contact one by one) ?

Do you use Google Messager or an other apps ?



Comment envoyez-vous des SMS à un groupe entier de personnes (sans les ajouter un par un) ?

Est-ce que vous utilisez Google Messenger ou une autre application ?




I see that this application contains ads. Is it true for pro version ?


On F-Droid there’s an app called Multi SMS, that should do the trick and I have not stumbled upon any ads so far.
You can send SMS to various people, selecting from a list and you can create groups as well. The settings menu (three dots) is in the lower right corner.
When selecting to send to a group, you first get the info that there is no group. Tapping on the three dots lets you create a group; assigning a group name and selecting members from a list.

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I try a app called Textra. For the moment, I haven’t any problem.


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