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Hi - my FP1 / FP1U got a shower, did work however did not recognize touches of the screen for a few days. Then I just waited for 4 weeks, and it did recognize touches again - just to stop after 3 weeks or so. I do not know if I need to replace the screen or something else… I have a recording on it which is VERY dear to me. So if there is someone who got a spare screen I can use have or at least to test what’s wrong allowing me to extract the recording - that would be really really great.
Based in Munich, Germany.

Many thanks in advance!!

If the screen still displays everything, you can connect a standard computer mouse (USB) using a USB “OTG” (On-the-Go) adapter. This should enable you to at least get your precious data backed up.


wow, urs, danke, für deine Antwort. Heißt das, daß ich mit einem OTG (muß ich gleich mal googlen was das ist) den Bildschirm bedienen könnte?

Ach, und noch eine Frage: wie kann man denn private Messages senden? Bin zu blöd das zu finden.

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Ja, der Adapter sollte zusammen mit der Maus ermöglichen, den Bildschirm (wie) mit einem Cursor zu bedienen. Ich hab’s selbst noch nie gemacht, aber viele hier hatten schon das gleiche Problem wie Du und sind so weitergekommen.

Private Messages kann man hier erst schicken, wenn man ein bißchen was im Forum gelesen hat.

coool!!! Vielen Dank!!!

Hmmm…bissi seltsame policy mit den PMs, aber gut

Schönen Tag!

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Cool, just ran a test with a standard usb mouse and my usb otg adaptor. I did not think it was that simple.
I once had this working when connecting to Windows 7 via Bluetooth. So I could select how to take control of FP2.
Either way a very good solution when touch functionality is completely lost.

Thanks Patrick, very encouraging, I will no go and pick my phone up from the repair shop and I so much hope it will work with mine as well

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