🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Random reboots with (official) Lineage OS?

Reboot :cry:
here is my last_kmsg folder.

There’s now 8 last_kmsg.txt files at above mentioned URL:

I can’t spot any particular pattern in the files preceding the crashes.
@chrmhoffmann, what’s your opinion on the memclock issue? Running the processor at out-of-spec conditions might explain the seemingly random error patterns IMHO.

struppi, to be honest. I don’t know. It’s weird that you have so many issues where I have no reboots at all. Some of crashes seem to be related to some filesystem problems though. I’ll try to run kernel debug and see if there’s something fishy.

New reboot by playing Clash Royal and new last_ksmg file. :neutral_face:

I just now noticed something in the description of the “Efficiency” performance profile of the power saver settings. You can read about it here (because German locale on my phone).

The “Efficiency” profile is described as
"Favor power savings. Limit maximum CPU power and optimize for power saving at the cost of higher latency."

If Kernel Adiutor doesn’t work, perhaps that setting could do something helpful?
I did set it when I installed LineageOS because it seemed to be the reasonable choice for me, but I totally forgot about the CPU limiting part …

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@struppi: I swapped my display module with a friend of mine and forgot to re-insert the paper I inserted there some time ago (oh, it’s over a year now :slight_smile:). Suddenly I had my first reboot for a long time. Are you aware of this? :wink:

Yes, I’m aware of this. :slight_smile: Still, thanks for trying to rule out potential issues :slight_smile:

The phone even reboots while just lying on the table in standby, so it’s probably not some sort of mechanical issue.

New random reboot. Add new last_kmsg file in this folder.

Is there a “HowTo” about creating a kmsg_last report step to step. Couldn’t find it, but did have some spontaneous reboots with the Official LOS, didn’t have it before with the unofficial version.

Here’s what works for me:

  1. You need a Terminal. Either install “Termux” and open that or enable debugging on the phone, connect it to your Computer and open a shell by “adb shell”.
  2. Gain root access: type “su”
  3. type “cat /proc/last_kmsg > /sdcard/Documents/FilenameOfYourChoice”
  4. The new file will appear in the “Documents” folder of your phone’s internal memory. Copy it by whatever means you like.

I don’t think there’s a way to access /proc/last_kmesg without becoming root first.


StevenHachel, you seem to have trouble with your sd card. Could you please remove it and check if it doesn’t have issues? And see if the reboots are gone without SD card?

There’s also one last_kmsg where the kernel is running in permissive mode and running busybox. Why?


Have now uninstalled BusyBox, because I currently no longer need it. The Kernel runs in the Enforce mode, according to query by getenforce. Will my phone go up without SDCard, which would not be an option for me in the long run.

Are you using the secard as internal storage?

…as an external device.

It should boot in both cases anyway. Chris

just had seven reboots after each other. Have removed the SD card before the last two restarts. Battery has dropped from 95% to 1%. :fearful:
I uploaded the last last_kmsg file. I think my phone is just destroying itself. :sleepy:


can you please flash first this boot.img (boot for tomorrows OTA with more debug):

And send us dmesg here.

And then plase flash this boot.img (boot for tomorrows OTA with more debug + revert of this commit:
commit 47cb82753a4207ec940b1fc131da86bc14f3a5ba
Author: chrmhoffmann chrmhoffmann@gmail.com
Date: Sun Oct 22 09:49:28 2017 +0200

Revert "FP2: no clue what this does but it fixes startup reboot after deprecated/android-3.4 merge"

This reverts commit 941db55e1d0d27f4a033dc930bc7fc115049914a.



yes, I like to do that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where can I find the dmesg file? logcat -d -f /sdcard/logcat.txt? …then I uploaded these here.
Currently the boot_debug.img is running.

Looking at the logcat file, you are using adiutor. You should maybe also stop that for a while :slight_smile: and see if it helps.