🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Random reboots with (official) Lineage OS?

I’m unsure where to post this, bugtracker or a different topic, but it would be good to understand whether people think my sudden battery drains and random boots (not as frequent now) could be related to a faulty battery or other hardware rather than software. I can always try a replacement battery if people think it’ll help.

The screengrab below is one of my more extreme examples from today. Whilst cycling and using Strava, the tracking kept stop/starting and I had a reboot when I took it out of my pocket to check. It was also a very cold ride.

Did you ever run normal Fairphone os?

I am starting to run out of ideas.


No. That’s not the same issue as when fp reboots on mechanical pressure,
there is no kernel stack trace.


Just had a reboot with LOS 20180123 while on charger. Nothing in last-kmsg, unfortunately

No, I did not find a normal FPOS image to install, only updates unfortunately.



i have new reboots with the latest Lineage OS version in conjunction with an Apple Wireless Router.
Are the changes from boot image “Prima” not included?

In addition, I have the Prima-Bootimage more often crashes of individual apps, not the Fairphone, which I do not have without them. I do not want to have to decide if the crash will happen entirely through Wi-Fi or individual app crashes.

Here ist my last_kmsg file.


New Reboot… :neutral_face:
Here is the file.

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could not you catch the exception instead of always triggering the same reboot?


I could not see any exception in your latest log files, so I guess your reboot issue is caused by some hardware fault.

When do the reboots occur? While the battery is being charged or not?

The battery was charged at this moment.
Charging status never exceeds 90% because I use the app “Byttery Charge limit”.


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A general question, as I don’t have a clue how anything works…

There has been a problem with newly produced FP2s (or FP2.5 if you will) which have some updated parts inside as the various suppliers change. They are having some random reboots

The cause of the issue is an updated memory package. Engineers at Fairphone, Qualcomm and our manufacturer have been working to resolve it. The update developed by our software team adjusts the memory interface parameters to solve this stability problem

A software update is going to be available at some point soon. Could there be a similar change needed for LOS?


Official modem.zip for #LineageOS would be very nice, at least an information that LOS users should be aware there IS a new version and that action should be taken…

Just check #modemfiles every now and then to see if there is a new file.

new last_kmsg file.

Battery was not charged.

I don’t really experience these reboots on my LineageOS device. Could it be that the cause for these random reboots affects devices sold especially after August '17? Then it could be the same what is described by @Douwe in: FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help for which Fairphone is going to deliver a patch soon in their Android version. Maybe something could be adopted for LineageOS in this case?


Until fp releases the fix, there’s not much point discussing or speculating here. I also won’t rollback the wifi driver until the fp change is out - and proven not fixing this.



I have a reboot in connection with the Apple Router @work.
Here is the logfile.

@anon43238275, any idea?


Hey @anon43238275,

I have to reboot at least twice or three times a week. :frowning: Here is the last_kmsg file.


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