🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 Camera upgrade disappointing

:gb: I upgraded the 2 cam modules, the flash is not working any more. Moreover I can now hardly understand callers talking to me, the sound is really, really poor.

:de: Ich habe die 2 neuen Camera Module eingebaut, jetzt funktioniert de Blitz nicht mehr. Zudem kann ich Anrufer kaum noch verstehen, die Klangqualität ist grottenschlecht.

:fr: Je viens d’installer les deux nouveaux caméras, mais maintenant le flash refuse de se déclencher. De plus j’ai un mal fou à comprendre proprement mes interlocuteurs, la qualité du son est devenu déplorable.

Have you upgraded to the latest OS version?

Yes, I always update as soon as an update becomes available. And a new issue arises: since the camera upgrade the battery loses its power very quickly. It is, however, in excellent condition and recharges in normal time. According to the many posts in this forum I am by far not alone with these problems, the camera modules seem to have some serious quality issues. I have sent some mail to the support team, the only reaction so far is a ticket#. Quite disappointing.

Did you already take it out and put it back in place? Also the screws might cause a problem. They shouldn’t be too loose nor tightend too strongly.

You might consider calling them.

done, no improvement

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