🇬🇧 🇩🇪 FP1U doesn't turn on automatically

“Ich habe eingestellt: Einschaltung um 7.26 Uhr. Aber manchmal schaltet
das FP sich nicht ein!!! Wie kann das sein? I set the time 07.26 for
turn on . But sometimes it does’n’t function. How its possible?”

  • Are you talking about an “alarm” or the “automatic phone ON/OFF” (" Ein-/Abschaltung nach Zeitplan")?
  • ANY guesses, in which moments the phone did NOT behave like you wish?
  • How often is “sometimes”?
  • Mabe your alert/schedule is dependent of week days and you only missed to tick all days you desire? Check the settings of the alert/schedule…

Cheers, Robert

Is there a function/an app with which a phone can be turned on by schedule? I didn’t know that.

Yes, I think it is part of the custom FP-OS setting: Homescreen–>System Settings --> nearly at the bottom you can find it.

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Also, unlike in other Android phones, the normal alarm clock (a customised version of the stock alarm clock, I believe - comes with the chipset, I think) turns on the phone. Unless you encrypted your phone, this is a great feature.

OT: @humorkritik This is not standard? :open_mouth: I hope FP2 also has this feature. I’m telling my befriended iPhone users, how great this is, and that they should get a FP2… :wink:


Nur als Alternative, falls du weiterhin Probleme hast: in Play Store gibt es eine etwas aufgebohrte Version der Peace of Mind-App. Damit kannst du das Telefon bis zu 12h in den Flugmodus setzen. Fast so gut wie ausschalten. :smile:

Just as an alternative, if you your trouble continues: there is a slick version of three Peace of Mind app in the app store, Peace of Mind+. With this, you could set your phone to flight mode, for up to 12 hours. Nearly as good as turning it off… :smile:

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  • I’m talking about ON/OFF" (" Ein-/Abschaltung nach Zeitplan")
  • This happens in irregular periods, maybe one time in three months.
    Normally there is no problem because I can it turn on manually if the automatic function didnt work.
    But when I set an alarm this will not function if the FP will not be on, and so, par example, I will not be in time when the FP dont me wake up!!!