G:geo offline maps

One more:

In c:geo(geocaching) I can’t use offline maps, because the Button to Browse for them does nothing, and says nothing, but the map is definitely on the device.

On my old phone, it shows a new page which shows f. ex. “Austria.map” and
another browse Button, but on the FP2 this Page doesn’t appear!

The Button “Karten-Themes-Verzeichnis” shows the desired browse dialog, but this doesn’t help

Already tried:
Privacy Impact on/off
Location on/off
Deinstall/ Reinstall

Might someone else give it try? thx

Downloaded netherlands.map from http://download.mapsforge.org/maps/europe/

Installed in on the sdcard:

adb shell mkdir /sdcard/mapforge
adb push netherlands.map /sdcard/mapforge/

And the directory was already selected when I tried to find the directory. To me it looks like the software is searching for a .map file and that this is perhaps missing from your install.


just like on my old phone, but not on my new one!