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Dear Fairphoners,

I’m Stefano D’Antuono, executive producer for FUORICAMPO FILM, a film studio based in Turin, Italy.
Our group of young filmmakers and producers works on the conception, production and realization of documentaries, short films, music videos and commercials, focusing on topical issues and etichs themes, with an original and fresh language.

In these days we’re developing a new project, “Ariel”, a noir short film tinted of comedy, that proposes a little but deep reflection about love, couple’s relationship and moral duties.

Plot: A private investigator is watching over a man suspected of betrayal. During the stakeout, all clues lead him to think that the man’s lover could be his own girlfriend. Meanwhile, above them, the storm Ariel looms.

In “Ariel” smartphones play a leading role. The private investigator constantly uses his phone to write to the committent and chat with his girlfriend. We see his messages on screen and, for the whole film, he doesn’t say a word: text messages are his only way to communicate. The man he’s watching over uses a smartphone too, to call his lover and his family.

We’re looking for a product placement that can support our project and help us to develop it in the best way.
We love your mission and your vision. We think that in a world where more and more human beings identify themselves as consumers, the only way to be a right citizen is to choose etichal products.
We always impose ourselves to collaborate only with virtuous and progressive brends, so we’d love if the whole smartphones in “Ariel” could be Fairphones.

Here you can find the complete dossier of “Ariel”: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OUiWWIgjQtk1mbf6Qpnsq5P2V2r9XTXO
If you’re interested to join this project, we’ll love to send you the whole materials about it.

Thank you for your availability.


Stefano D’Antuono
+39 334.113 556 94

This is a community forum, FP staff members don’t necessarily read what goes on here. It’s probably best to contact them directly - the business contact form is probably the best avenue for this, or if it isn’t they’ll relay the message to the appropriate party.

Good luck with your endeavour!


Thank you so much, I’ll follow your advice!

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