Funky keyboard/screen after update

After the latest update I first had problems with the keyboard crashing. But after reinstalling the Google Apps the keyboard started to work. But…

The phone is crazy. It seems like it thinks I am touching the screen, although I am not or I am touching the scress somewhere else. I have written some funky messages the last days and sent away photos I didn’t really wanna send etc etc.

What to do?

I have never heard such reports before. A full reset is know to solve a lot of problems and described here:

Another tip: Turn the Fairphone completly off and remove the battery for some minutes. This sounds like snake oil magic but has solved some problems for me with other Android phones (like no more wifi etc). It is the only way to make sure all components in the phone are really powered down.

However if your problem persists and as have not heard of such problems after the updsate before, you should consider contacting Fairphone support:

I just tried the “turn off the phone and take out the battery”-magic. Didn’t work. Will wait for a while until some other tips comes up, before I do a full reset.

Thanks for your help, tough!


Have a look at this topic regarding you screen issues

If this is the same problem you are having, please see the last post from myself

RE the keyboard problem - yes this relates to not reinstalling the google apps after the update and is fixed by the install :smile:

I have also moved this topic into the Help category so that others will find it easier.

Dear all,

same problem here - had to restart 3 times just today, so hoping you find someother snake oil magic soon…also submitted ticket to support, so really hoping I will hear from someone soon.

Sorry to hear! Hope the fairphone support is helping out quickly!

Sadly I have no other magic idea and not seen the problem myself, but it does not seem so uncommon as I thought at first.

I would suggest continuing this discussion at the following post, as it seems to be the same problem:

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I’m going to close this topic as the keyboard issue occurs when google apps are not reinstalled after the update - the fix is to install the google apps via the widget as described.

The screen problem is being discussed here and would be useful if others with the problem continued the discussion on that topic.

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