Functionality on some apps is limited

Hi all,

Can you help resolve a problem with some of the apps having functionality
that doesn’t work on my FP2. Examples I have found so far are shown below:

  • Facebook: I can’t post a picture from the FB app, when I
    click the camera icon I get a white page. I can’t post to groups either - when
    I type the post and click post it goes back to the home page for the group,
    with it not appearing. I can however seem to post text to my own newsfeed.
    Tapping on the notifications doesn’t work either.

  • Tinder - I won’t let me log in at all via Facebook log in,
    which worked fine on my previous Samsung phone. I’ve followed the prompt where
    it says " log in failed" the prompts around Facebook or making sure
    the time on my phone is right still no luck. (maybe this is not such a bad
    thing TBH eh?!?!)

  • The BBC news app won’t let me click on articles - I can
    only see the headline

  • The Outlook app also didn’t work so I uninstalled it.

Any ideas?



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