Frozen white noise on screen

Hello dear Fairphone Hardware Gurus (and all others :slight_smile: ),

since today I have following problem: My FP2 (built 2015) shows most of the time following screen after turning on the screen by pressing the power button.

Sometimes the normal starting screen is shown, sometimes with some artifacts, but it is not responding then…
The phone seems to work, at least I hear sometimes the buzzing from incoming new chat messages.
So, could it be some kind of contact issue between the phone mainboard and the screen? I already disassembled it, and put it together again, but nothing changed. The screen contacts and pins look fine. Any idea what to try out?
Thanks a lot for your help!

There are already a few topics discussing this issue, e.g. this one might be a good starting point for further research:

The most common solution approaches (from the top of my head):

  • Clean contacts
  • Remove oxidation
  • Increase contact pressure
  • Contact Fairphone support

You might find further details and additional hints by searching for terms like “display noisy colored pixels”.


Hi, thanks a lot. I cleaned the contacts with vinegear and a Q-Tip; this alone didnt solve the problem, but increasing the contact pressure seems to do.

I glued some of these adhesive pads into the case, seems to be enough for the moment.
Thanks again!

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Lately I’m having the same issue. Thank you for the advices (I’m gonna try the same and share my experience if useful)!

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