Frontcamera produces mirror-inverted pictures

Hi, my Fairphone 2 (Open OS 16.06) produces mirror-inverted pictures with the frontcamera (that one for selfies). Tested with the Google camera APP.

Is it a known issue?
Could anybody else test it and tell me, if it’s a general problem?

Thanks in advance!

I think that’s the default behaviour. Admittedly, I never had a smartphone before my Fairphone (FP1U), but isn’t it standard for the “selfie” camera?

UPDATE: I see that while the selfie camera displays a mirror-inverted image when not actually taking a picture, the picture it saves is in the right direction. Is the latter different with the FP2?

It’s the same behaviour with the FP2 and it’s completely normal, I’d say. :slight_smile:

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