Front facing 3+ camera colour cast

I guess it your mail has not been answered. Though this definitely should have happened, it doesn’t have to mean, that they ignored your hint.

To make sure, that edits to the bug-report wiki will reach Fairphone, I have invited/linked the forum-representative Rae to this wiki.

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Hi @pcm, I have shared this issue internally. Thanks for flagging it. I will loop back as soon as I have an update.


My theory is that this new front camera reveals the hidden truth: we live in the Matrix!


I have to revise my solution:

My workaround is to use the Nikita GCam port and activate the “Google AWB” funktion.

It is not a satisfactory solution. And that’s because sometimes it’s simply not possible to just use the GCam port. For example when I want to shoot a selfie from a messaging app in order to send it off instantly: Then there’s no color correction and my greenish face looks terribly sick in the photo. And even worse: When I use the front camera for a video call or a video conference, there is no opportunity to correct the colors. I always send greenish video which is absolutely not desirable. I paid quite some money for the new camera and it seems to have a general fault. That is really annoying and should be fixed by Fairphone as soon as possible.


Update on my journey with support:

They asked me to update to the latest OS version: v.054 (Build number 8901.3.A.0054.20200929) and clear storage/cache for the camera app. I tried this with no effect.

They also suggested I tried a different camera app (unclear why Fairphone would think this would cure it), which I tried but with no luck.

I was then asked for proof of purchase, so it’s not sounding like they have a fix at this point. Very disappointing / frustrating.

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Hi, same problem here with a FP3, and reported to support.

Support told me to perform a routine of steps and see if the problem gets fixed. I pointed to this thread, but they insists in to do all the steps. Now I’m in the “factory reset” step, which I anyway will do because the last update (october) put on my FP3 a persistent notification of a network operator that I don’t use.


camera records yellowish with light


some tweak to fix this? thank you :slight_smile:

I moved your post here as it’s a known problem, and I don’t think there is a great difference between yellowish and green. Please have a look around :slight_smile:

I just upgraded my cameras, same problem. The rear camera is friggin awesome but the front is green. I’ll send in a bug report to help communicate the scope. Hope it’s a setting or worst case a bug fix.

To be useful: does anyone know if the camera generates a data log that we can submit with the bug report.

Another thing of note: after the upgrade, my phone’s date was wrong, the wlan was buggy and a few other small things seemed cleared or slightly off. I restarted and everything seems to be better now.

Oh and PSA: I didn’t use the Fairphone screw driver but my own jeweler’s tool with a wide grip. Yeah, I def overtightened 3-4 screws on the camera modules. Be careful! The screw heads are supposed to just sit on the plastic, not go into it! There is not much surrounding plastic on the modules so it can easily deform! If you’re unsure if they’re in far enough, look at the other side of what you’re screwing in and you’ll see the nut that the screw goes into. The screw shouldn’t peek outside of the nut, and definitely shouldn’t stick out above the plastic!:v::sweat_smile::nut_and_bolt:


Me and my mother have exactly the same problem, the front camera is greenish under LED light. Is there already a solution? @pcm do you still have the problem?


Same here. I’m looking like Hulk during WhatsApp video call…


Update from me: it started happening less and less and since the update I can’t reproduce it. Maybe it was a common but unstable bug.


Did anyone solve the green front facing camera issue? I received my fairphone 3+ today and it does the same thing…tints everything green. Very disappointing.

I just realized that the colour problem occurs when the lighting changes while the camera is already on. Switching to the back cam and back to the front cam seems to correct it.


Hi @sharriet,

Sorry to hear that. Our team is investigating the issue. If you have not already done so, could you make a support ticket and include a screenshot of your build number and a photo example too? Someone from our tech support team will then reach out to you directly via email.


Hi, I think the problem was solved by doing a software update.
I still find the microphone is very quiet though and the speakers vibrate a lot. Is there any plan to upgrade these modules anytime as they are not very good?

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@sharriet I think all the issues you mention are software related or module connection problems, and damp etc. as sometimes the modules work fine :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue, but only at night especially with LED lights.
Using APP Manual Cam the green issue is there, but I can fix it with the white balance settings.

I am not able to choose the camera app when using f.e messenger video conferences, so there I have the green problem.
I am using LineAge (not /e/ or Android) . So it seems that there is any kind of auto white balancing issue by default from factory.

Hi to all with the same problem:
As i am using LineAge the FP company was asking me to reset the phone to original OS to get support.
Could you write here whether the issue is fixed with one of the original operating systems Android oder /e/ ?
And maybe it would be generally helpful to get the information which operating system we are using

Just a hint:
It seems really that is only a white balance problem:
using a 5500K Photostudio lamp at the same location there is a very good white balance.
Turnig back to an LED lamp the front camrea white balances turns to too much green.
But where is the difference between front and back camera - is it hardware or software?