Front camera on FP2 not working

Hi, the front camera on my FP2 isn’t working any more. It worked fine until recently but today at first the camera wasn’t working at all. Then it started to work again after I turned it off and on again but it is only in selfie mode with no icon to allow me to switch back to front camera mode. So far to rectify this problem I have tried opening the camera in safe mode, disassembling the camera and top module and reassembling, clearing the cache and uninstalling the latest app that I had installed since the camera was working a few days ago but all to no avail, Please can anyone suggest what I could do to get it working again. Can I uninstall and reinstall the camera app or would a factory reset do that ?

Welcome to our forum. If you have backed up your essential data a factory reset would probably exclude any software glitch and point towards it being a hardware issue with camera module. You don’t say whether this is original 2MP unit or an updated 5MP one. If you were resident in the UK I would be more than happy to send you a 2MP unit to try in it’s place.


Hi aspergerguy, thanks for your reply and I have just installed the latest update on my FP2 but it didn’t make any difference so I now need to organise backing up my data before doing a factory reset. Thanks for your offer of a replacement for my camera module - I think it is a 2 Mega Pixel camera but will have to check. Then if the reset doesn’t work, I’ll come back to you on your offer, if I may.

Hi aspergerguy, I am unable to say which camera module it is because when I look under about phone in settings under camera module it says: ‘Unknown’ although the top module is a 5MP camera it says. Reading a post by paula@kreuzer it says there that if there is a white strip between the camera lens and the flash it is an updated, newer version of the camera so it could be 5MP. Looking in the shop the only camera module available that has a white strip between the camera and flash is a 12MP one but maybe that’s only for a FP3 ?
Thanks, Neil

Hi Neil,
Slight confusion here as white bar refers to 12MP rear camera and thought that you were referring to front “selfie” one not working . Top module info is Front Camera 5MP - Omnivision OV5670 and if you have no info under “Camera module info” it seems rear (main) camera is non-functional.FP2Cameras

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Hi aspergerguy, thanks for your reply and confirmation that my main camera was 12MP and isn’t working any more. As there are no 12MP camera modules for fairphone 2s in stock these days I have decided to buy an 8MP camera module for fairphone 2 that fairphone have now made available. I hope that it works when I replace the old module with the new one otherwise I might be messaging again ! Thanks again. Neil

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