Front camera not available

Since the upgrading to Android 6.0 in the FP2 the front camera is not availabe in any app, even in the Camera app.

Is it a problem related to the upgrading? What can I do? Thanks!

Try to #disassemble your phone, take out the top module, clean it’s connectors, put everything back and see if it works.


Thank you. I will try it. But there is no button in any app to turn this camera on or to switch from one camera to the other (as it appeared before the upgrading) so I’m not sure that will fix my problem

In the Google camera app (installed by default) tap on the three dots at the bottom right and then select the icons most at the right). This will switch to front camera.

That’s because most apps automatically don’t display the icon to switch cameras if they don’t detect two cameras in the device.

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Thank you very much! Did it and it worked.

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There was no button to switch to the front camera until I did what paulakreuzer told me to and the problem was solved. Thank you.

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