Front camera how to change the settings

Hi, how do I change the front camera settings ? At the moment when I take a selfie, the writing in the background is a mirror image .thanks


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Is that while taking a picture, or when checking the stored image?

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Both really, I either would like to change the camera settings or edit the stored image

Hi with the default camera app

Open camera , switch to selfie

Default camera app on FP3 it is under Camera > Settings > Camera > Selfie Mirror

On GCam > Settings > Save selfie as previewed

as far as I can tell that option isn’t available in the FP4 camera settings, at least for now.


I have a FP4 and can’t find these settings


Yes, I was afraid that was the case

I think we haven’t reached the end oft development yet.
We are just at the beginning …
It’s a brand new Device…

Be patient… :wink:

Hi, I also missed this feature in the FF4. So let’s vote for this feature that it will get a high priority on the backlog.

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This is “only” a user forum, if you want to influence the backlog somehow you’ll have to #contactsupport




A poll can be created for this but ineffective, as already mentioned the better course is to inform Fairphone of the ‘want’ ~ I’m pretty sure they have been informed and may well be working on it.

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