Front Camera Focus Issue


could not really find this topic, but does anyone have issues with focus of the front camera, when trying to take a selfie? Was holding my phone - no tremors there - but it seemed that the camera was not able to focus.


The front camera has a fixed focus, so it has no autofocus at all.

A fixed focus? How are you supposed to take a sharp picture when the camera only has one focus? Am I missing sth? :slight_smile:

You can adjust the length of your selfy stick can’t you? :wink:

Another camera inside the phone with two lenses would probably take up too much space.

Still don’t get it, though. Maybe I am just too thick, :grimacing: - … What I actually meant was: I tried to take a selfie yesterday and it seemed to me that every image was blurry, although I was holding my phone, without moving. It happens when taking selfies, but I notice that it is also the case - sometimes - when taking regular pics, as if the shutter speeds lags or - so to speak - the diaphragm does not close quick enough (I know there is none, it is just a comparison) …

Could you upload some examples so we know better what you talk about?

I don’t have an example of how images would look like in this case, but … did you remove the protection foil from the display (and the front camera)?


Yeah, of course - I’ve had this phone since it came out. The issue is new.

Ok, I tend to erase bad pictures, but I’ll upload some, later. Thanks!

A fixed focus front or selfie camera is very common even on most shiny new cutting edge phones from 2017. They just don’t tell you on their front page.
This is really not Fairphone specific.

I think there is a misunderstanding here: I know a smartphone has no focus function - what I mean is that - when taking a picture - is that the picture is blurry, after taking it. It seems like that - when I have pushed the ‘take photo’-button - the FP2 does not save the picture, or take it, save it (I really don’t kow) quick enough, and it becomes blurry after saving. It is like the shutter speed is not correct, which is strange, because there is no thing as a shutter speed. Cheerz!

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