Front camera does not respond

The front camera seems to be unresponsive. When I switch to front camera in the default camera app it tells me it can’t connect to the camera, after which I am offered the choice to report the issue or close the app. The app will only work again after I wipe the cache.

When I use OpenCamera and switch to the front camera, the last frame of the rear camera is shown and the image doesn’t update. Luckily in this app I can switch back to the rear camera, without wiping the cache.

I am using Fairphone OS 1.8.1, but I have been having these issues with at least the last three versions of the OS. I have encrypted the phone. It seems the issues appeared around the time I encrypted the phone, although I’m not entirely sure.

Did you try to reboot?
I sometimes had this problem too and i found out it was because another app was using the camera at the same time (e.g. you can’t use the camera while using the phone as a torch with a torch app). So what apps where active when you wanted to use the front camera?

Hi Stanzi,

thanks for your reply.

I have rebooted the phone often (actually I am having this issue already for a couple of months) without any success.

The camera issue does not seem to be related to active apps running in the background either. Even after killing all apps, the problem still persists, in different apps.

It seems to me it must be a driver/hardware issue…

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